Poseidon Industries, Inc. was found by a young group of machine engineers in 2010, whose backgrounds have a combined 60 years or more in stone processing equipment.

Poseidon's goal is to offer machines made and finished in the USA with the best components from all over the world including parts from Italy, Germany, Japan, USA, and many other countries.

Poseidon's technicians are all trained in our factory in Florida and service is offered from our facility in Florida where our manufacturing takes place. 

Poseidon offers many unique services compared to it's competitors' in regards to features offered with their equipment.  Many processes and characteristics of Poseidon equipment are unique ONLY to Poseidon machines and can only be obtained by purchasing a Poseidon piece of equipment. 

Poseidon's futuristic designs and revolutionary options packages make it an easy choice for the stone fabricator.  Please feel free to contact Poseidon and see why so many fabricators are switching to Poseidon Industries, an American company with American service!

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