Edge Polisher Buyer's Guide

Poseidon's state-of-the-art edge machinery are built with the best mechanical systems and components from Europe, backed by proven designs of over 30 years in the stone industry.

From Poseidon's state of the art MiterSplash edger, which is a 2-in-1 miter cutting and flat edge polisher, to Poseidon's complete Trident model, the granite fabricator will only add profits to their bottom line with Poseidon's edge polishing machines for granite.

The Trident is the top pick for those who perform bullnose, half bullnose, flat, and bevel edges as it can execute pieces up to 4" thick and polish full bullnose 3cm as fast as 12" per minute!  Feel free to inquire how Poseidon's high quality edgers can add quality and effiiciency to your product output!


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