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Poseidon Quadrix 4050 Specifications


The POSEIDON QUADRIX 4050 is a machine with 2 belt-driven guideways at 45 degrees from the floor level and 90 degrees in respect to each other.  The machine is made with two cutting units with 40HP motors that can be regulated from 10mm to 100mm each by a motorized push button system.  The cutting units are mounted with 40” diameter blades.

Stone Blocks of 350mmx350mm by an indefinite length can be passed thru the machine in order to perform cuts from 10mm to 100mm on marble or stone.  The material rests on both belts in a “diamond” position.

The Machine’s structure is made of Electro-welded Steel with a monoblock structure whose working area is elevated at 1000mm.  The structure is made with strategically electro-welded reinforcements all over the structure to ensure the elimination of vibration on the whole machine.

The cutting units are motorized and controlled by push-button controls on an easy to operate PLC interface.

The BELT-drive system is controlled by means of an INVERTER which regulates the speed of the belts by a Potenziometer.

The water is controlled electrically by means of an automatic solenoid valve.  The electrical panel is conveniently placed on the machine body with a very sleek and professional electrical installation.

  • Block Width mm.350
  • Block Height mm.350
  • Blade Diameter mm.1000
  • Blade Rise Max mm.100
  • Standard Working Height mm.1000
  • Belt Speed Min and Max 0 / 15 M.min
  • Cutting Unit Power 40HP

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