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Project Description


Poseidon Mitresplash Specifications

  • The MiterSplash Edger is a 1-of-a-kind Flat Edge Polisher and Perfect Miter Seam Cutting Machine-in-1
  • The MiterSplash is designed to be able to polish 4″ Backsplash and Large Countertop Pieces up to 100″ wide which vertical backsplash polishers CAN NOT DO
  • The MiterSplash also cuts at a 45 degree angle with polish faces down on the belt thus ensuring precise seam positioning when doing miters
  • The Standard MiterSplash comes equipped with 5 polishing motor heads, 2 chamfering motors, and 1 Miter Cutting Unit at the end
  • A Floater system also comes standard which causes a girating motion of polishing heads that guarantees a completely polished flat edge
  • Up to 3″ Thick material can be ran thru the MiterSplash
  • 2-3 Linear Feet Per Minute of 3CM Polishing Speed on Flat Edge
  • 20″ Per Minute 3CM Speed of Miter Cutting