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When you put a Poseidon Machine in your shop, you’ll recognize the difference immediately. Our automotive equipment offerings include semi-automatic bridge saws, edge polishers, CNC bridge saws, CNC machinery, CNC waterjet, veneer saw, block saw, and wire saw. And at Poseidon, we take care of the little things in order to make sure our machines are simply the best in the world. A Poseidon CNC bridge saw boasts thicker steel legs, wider base plates, a hydraulic tilt table, advanced operating systems, and heavier duty trapezoidal bridge constructions than our competition. That takes care of your machine’s structure, but just as important are the machine’s components. Our extreme-quality c-axis mechanics, vacuum lifts and BELT-drive system are often over-engineered to withstand 600 – 800% ​more than the machine’s rated weight capacity. Each CNC machine comes standard with built-in safety devices that other companies don’t even consider. And, more accessories and adapter kits ensure your machines run longer with minimal operator maintenance.



Wire Saw

The diamond wire is maintained by a pneumatic cylinder, which keeps the tension of the cutting tool constant.

Saturn Wire Saw

The Poseidon Way

High precision is there day or night.

We create the Poseidon experience by providing the most dependable high-precision manufacturing solutions that enable our customers, associates, and community to thrive in their business ventures.

I am Stuck on Innovation
'Cause Innovation's stuck on Me.

We are constantly moving at the pace of technology to bring you the latest. Our machines are some of the most sophisticated and advanced in the industry.

Once American Made, always American Made

Poseidon sources the best components from around the world but creates its final American product in the USA, delivering the ultimate machine. Poseidon Industries has a full lineup of semi-automatic bridge saws, CNC Bridge Saws, CNC Water Jet Saws, CNC Routers, 5 Axis CNC Machines, Edge Polishers, Block Saws, Wire Saws, This Stone Veneer Machines, Water Filtration Systems, Jib Crane Sets, and More.

See the world through our fabrication

As an American Manufacturer, Poseidon Industries takes great pride in the quality and workmanship that is commited to each of our machines. Poseidon machines are designed and built for maximum durability and high efficiency. We provide high precision machinery for fabricators who have absolutely no room for error or downtime.

Poseidon delivers all over the United States. Here is a snippet of the current equipment installations.


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